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  • Chaco Promotion the Real Deal

    Chaco Promotion

    This is the real deal – Whole Earth Provision Company sends significant money each year, and we spend it in the park.

  • What is a Star Party?

    Milky Way Galaxy

    This is a photograph of the Milky Way Galaxy.  If you live east of I-35 in Texas, all the way to the Atlantic Ocean, or in any major city, you probably can’t see this incredible sight.  Enchanted Rock SNA is an International Dark Sky Park, which means that you CAN see the Milky Way, and the Park and its neighbors have committed to keeping it that way.  From time to time local astronomers set up their telescopes and will show you incredible things like this.  This is called a Star Party, and you are invited.  Friday, June 19, 8:00 – 10:30 is the next one, but there will be more.