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  • Llano Joins Dark Sky Movement!

    The Llano City Council joins Fredericksburg in the Dark Sky movement by passing an outdoor lighting ordinance.  Come to E Rock and see what a real night sky is like.


  • Do’s and Don’ts for a Great Time at the Rock


    Do check with the park at (830) 685-3636 or check their website for the latest visitor information.  Holidays and weekends when the weather is nice may create an hour long line for admission, or you may even find the gates closed!  During these times, consider taking the  E Rock Express Shuttle from Fredericksburg.  For details contact the shuttle operator at 830-456-3231.

    Don’t bring your UAV/drone to the Park.  Regulations prohibit controlling them from within the Park (although they are permissible in some parks).  Commercial use is by permit, contact the Superintendent for more details.

    Do keep your pets leashed at all times.  The Park Police Officers are enforcing this requirement!  Also, pick up or bring a poop bag.  And don’t leave a full poop bag on top of the Rock!  The Volunteers get tired of carrying them down for you.

    Don’t display or discharge a firearm in the Park.  The law on this is changing again, but these two are still prohibited in the Park.  People are regularly evacuated from the Park, but not for any situation which a handgun would have been necessary for your safety.

    Do leave the Park as clean and beautiful as you found it.  With 300,000 visitors a year, the place gets seriously trampled – stick to trails, don’t mess with the wildlife, pick up any trash you find.

    Do respect state law prohibiting the public consumption and display of alcoholic beverages.  This is another issue which could result in an unfortunate and expensive visit with the Park Police Officers.

    Don’t let cold weather keep you away.  Dress appropriately, stay within your limits of performance, and you’ll find the place just as magical as ever.

    If you would like to volunteer with the Friends or donate to the amazing projects we do, there’s a page for each.