The Downside to Being Popular

ERSNA Entrance at 9 AM

The scene shown is about 9 AM last Saturday. Most of the cars in the line won’t get in the park, as there were only 15 parking spaces left at the time. Many of those in line will get a parking voucher to return later (an attempt to reduce the number of cars parked along the road waiting). With visitors last year, the park has been like this every weekend since last September, but also every holiday and some weekdays. The park and its staff are suffering under this onslaught of interest, and the solution isn’t more parking places or more water for the restrooms, although more staff to deal with the crowds would be welcome. We have volunteers but need more.

Plan your next visit for a weekday; you won’t be disappointed by what you find: a manageable crowd, solitude and flowers on the Loop Trail.

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